Latest News from Ward 10

Posted on September 18

Nomination Day- We're Official.

I filed my nomination papers today at 9:30 a.m. I am proud to run for a second term on City Council. I’m ready to earn your support and to keep building a great city that is focused on a positive future. I look forward to having many more great conversations with the residents of Ward 10 in the next four weeks about the kind of city that you want.

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Posted on August 18

Better Decisions at Future Capital Line Intersections

Throughout my first term on Council, I have heard from a number of constituents about their concerns and frustrations with the Capital Line LRT, specifically relating to the difficulties experienced crossing the intersections along 111 Street. Yesterday, a report was released that detailed the anticipated performance of the various intersections along the SE portion of the Valley Line LRT and to say this information was pleasing would be false.

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Posted on July 14

Public Engagement that Mattered

Good decisions are rooted in good policy and good policy is built on a foundation of meaningful public engagement. In my first term on council nothing has received more of my attention than my focus on improving public engagement in Ward 10.

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Posted on June 28

Bus Route Reallocation

IMMEDIATE CHANGES As some of you may already know, Edmonton’s bus routes will be going through city-wide changes next week. After many months of research and route studies, the City will be paring back certain bus routes and reallocating “bus hours” from low ridership routes to high ridership ones.

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Posted on June 26

Better Construction

I ran for City Council because I wanted to be a part of a team committed to building a great city. Because of this, I was a big supporter of an ambitious 2015-2018 Capital Budget. However, it is no secret that the City has seen its fair share of construction challenges. In particular, there have been concerns over a perceived lack of oversight and mismanagement of some of our major capital projects, in particular, the...

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